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For your vinification.

At 2B FermControl we have developed our complete product range specifically for the requirements of modern, quality-oriented vinification.

We have a strong focus on biotechnological products in certified organic quality with no compromises in functionality or user safety.

Organic active yeasts


organic active yeast
VitiFerm™ BIO organic active yeast

  • Real wild types of saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Complex aromatic structure
  • Extreme fermentation power and safety
  • Low production of SO2
  • Easy ongoing MLF


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Supplements / nutrients for optimal alcoholic and malolactic fermentation


FermControl™ BIO & MaloControl™ BIO

  • Promote and secure optimal sensory result
  • Ensure the complete fermentation even under difficult conditions
  • Replace a number of conventional products
  • Save time and money
  • EC and USDA organic certified


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Bacteria for optimal malolactic fermentation management


MaloBacti™ and MaxBacti™ starter cultures for MLF are not only reliable during application

  • Each culture shows differentiable aromatic profile
  • Assures the sensor profile and wholesomeness of wines
  • For every field of application a perfectly fitting culture
  • Approved for organic winemaking


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Yeast derivatives for alternative fining and harmonisation of wines


Clear up™ Bio yeast derivatives for fining

  • Alternative to conventional fining products
  • Very effective alternative for a modern tannin managements
  • Effective reduction of volatile phenols (brettanomyces spec.)
  • Enables sensory correction in case of off-flavors which was very difficult in the past
  • Removes fatty acids which interrupt fermentation flow
  • EC and USDA organic certified


ViniComplex XS yeast derivatives to enhance complexity of wines

  • Highly purified, 100% natural and derived from pure yeast
  • Increases the mouthfeel
  • Increases aromatic and storage stability
  • Optimizes colour fixation of the anthocyanin chains
  • Excellent integration into the wine or juice
  • No bitter or astringent flavour


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Enological tannins


ViniTannin™ tannin preparations for fermentation and optimization of white, rosé or red wines

  • Highly concentrated tannins, exclusively produced from top quality grapes or grape components
  • Excellent integration into the must, mash and wine
  • Improves the sensory and aging potential of wines without adding bitter or astringent flavors
  • Very low dose rates


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Oak barrel alternatives


WineBlox and WineChipz are oak barrel alternatives

  • Economic and oenological alternatives wooden barrels or barriquess
  • Perfect alternative compared with big barrel or barrique winemaking
  • Extends the aging potential of wines
  • Wood from certified sustainable forestryy


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Wine filtration


ViniFilter™ silicate free depth filter technology

  • Crystalline Silica Free
  • Highly selective in regard to valuable wine ingredients
  • Offers extraordinary absorbance capacity
  • Protects your wines against loss of quality despite outstanding retaining ability


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