Our history

Since our inception, 2B FermControl has had a focus on alternative and naturally derived fermentation products for quality winemaking.

This applies to all premium wines, both certified organic and standard quality. We produce our fermentation products with natural raw materials from organic certified agriculture. They are free from chemical aides, hidden emulsifiers or preservatives. Natural, allergen free, efficacious and superior organoleptic benefits – ultimately produce better wines for the consumer.

With these parameters we are obliged to fulfill the highest quality standards. Our partners are carefully selected and adhere to the same high quality standards as we do. Our customers can rely on receiving a truly organic product with various applications in modern winemaking.

Carsten Heinemeyer, Dipl. Ing. Oen. (FH)
General Manager

Phone.:     +49 7667 96690-50
Mail: info@2bfermcontrol.com

Johannes Lai
Application Manager

Phone.:     +49 7667 96690-53
Mobile:       +49 160 90625728

Mail: jlai@2bfermcontrol.com

Simone Maurer, M. Sc.
Application & QS

Phone.:  +49 7667 96690-54
Mobile:     +49 172 6614009

Mail: sm@2bfermcontrol.com

Marlis Frieß
Executive assistant

Phone.: +49 7667 96690-52
Mail: mf@2bfermcontrol.com

Bernd Strub
Customer Service & Logistics

Phone.:  +49 7667 96690-57
Mobile:     +49 172 8116188

Mail: bst@2bfermcontrol.com

Manfred R. Hoffmann, Dipl.-Ing.
Product Manager & Key account manager

Phone.: +49 7667 96690-56
Mobile:   +49 152 34067579

Mail: mh@2bfermcontrol.com

Bettina Stillich
Marketing Manager

Phone.: +49 7667 96690-55
Mobile:   +49 173 7943066

Mail: best@2bfermcontrol.com

Luis Galo
Country Manager

Mobile: +351 93 885091
Mail: lg@2bfermcontrol.com

Tom Woytek
Product Manager

Mobile: +49 162 64 59 796
Mail: tw@2bfermcontrol.com