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2B FermControl – The Power of Nature

2B is the expert for sustainable, minimal intervention winemaking, and completely independent from other manufacturers or corporate groups. We exclusively offer solutions from our own research and development. For our products we use EC organic-certified raw materials without any compromises in functionality or safety in the application. These features make 2B solutions completely different from conventional products for the additive winemaking.

Power of Nature


2B product flyer 2024
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May 2024

Get ready for the 2024 season with 2B! Discover our new, natural solutions for your wine production now. Let yourself be inspired and learn how 2B can help you sustainably enhance the quality and efficiency of your winemaking process.

We look forward to a great season with you!

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NEW: Wine i-QT
Sophisticated tannin management for all wines

February 2024

Wine i-QT is a pure tannin from toasted European oak for an intelligent tannin management in all wines.

Wine i-QT can be used in 2 stages of winemaking. After fermentation and for fine-tuning before bottling.

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Product Information Wine i-QT

2B FermControl Mourns the Death of Founder and CEO Carsten Heinemeyer
The company's activities will continue

January 8th, 2024

It should have been be a little break at the end of the year before the new year gets off to a fast start again. But then Carsten Heinemeyer succumbed to the effects of a sudden cardiac arrest on December 30, 2023. The founder and Managing Director of the two companies, 2B Concept Consulting and 2B FermControl GmbH based in Breisach am Rhein, was 54 years old.

The business is being continued, and the 2B team is available for all services.


NEW: ViniTannin™ SUPREME
100 % premium tannin from white wine skins

December 2023

This newly developed tannin from white grapeskin includes a high share of pro anthocyanidins. Improve the quality of all wines with this exclusive solution.

In addition, ViniTannin™ SUPREME permanently stabilises the colour of red wines and protects white wines from undesired aging.

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NEW: A Taste of Paradise
VitiFerm™ BIO Paradisi – for rosé and summer wines

July 2023

The new natural and wild yeast VitiFerm™ BIO Paradisi by 2B delivers, what its name promises. The aroma differs fundamentally from the conventional yeasts and is characterized by high diversity and exotic aromatic intensity.

This certified organic yeast is ideal for tasteful rosé and crisp summer wines and offers a broad flavour spectrum, including pink grapefruit and juicy blood orange peel.

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Minimal Intervention Winemaking
What does minimal intervention in winemaking exactly mean?

September 2022

Have a look at our comparison chart and get all pros and cons of conventional winemaking vs. minimal intervention vs. zero intervention at a glance.

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Advantages of Organic vs. Conventional Yeasts
Sustainable Winemaking with VitiFerm™ BIO

August 2022

When it comes to sustainable, pure and natural winemaking, caring winemakers have to consider the production processes of the different wine ingredients.

Substantial differences can be identified by comparison of conventional yeast production and the manufacturing of certified organic active yeasts. The 2B comparison chart gives you the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes.

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Fermentation Management 3.0
Complete Yeast Nutrition by FermControl™ BIO

July 2022

Yeast nutrition is an important element for a successful alcoholic fermentation.

The 2B experts created a fermentation diagram, that shows when and which nutrition is essential for yeasts to perform at their best.

Get all information on the 4-in-1 organic yeast nutrition solution FermControl™ BIO and its benefits during the alcoholic fermentation process of your wines.

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What are yeast derivatives?
Find out more about it!

June 2022

For the wine industry, the OIV has carried out the classification of the various yeast products, published in the OIV Code Oeno-Specif 10-452-497.

The 2B experts created an overview about yeast cell walls, inactive yeasts, yeast autolysate, yeast proteine extract, and their properties and usage in winemaking, according to the OIV codex.

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NEW: 2B Pilot Winery for sustainable winemaking

In a prime location, surrounded by vineyards in the South-West of Germany, 2B has set up a new Pilot Winery.

In this state-of-the-art cellar, we create different wine styles, test new biological technologies and invent natural and reliable solutions for winemaking.

Read all about the new 2B Pilot Winery in our News section:

2B News

NEW at 2B: Jörg Wiedemann
Team of experts further strengthened

From July 1, 2021, the team of 2B will receive top-class personnel reinforcement.

With Jörg Wiedemann, 2B could win over a well-known expert from the wine industry. After more than 35 years in the Badischer Winzerkeller, he will take on the oenological advice of national 2B customers in addition to the management of the 2B office in Breisach.

Jörg Wiedemann brings the entire spectrum of oenological expertise with him, from cultivation of grapes to the vinification of premium wines

The 2B team warmly welcomes Jörg Wiedemann and is looking forward to a good and successful cooperation.

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We’re here for YOU! NEW 2B Oeno HelpDesk

Looking for product solutions? Need oenological consulting?
Exhibitions cancelled – online conferences only?
What’s important now is personal contact.

The 2B experts are here for you:

2B Oeno HelpDesk
+49 7667 96690-66

2B Solutions for fining and harmonisation of Wines

Get expert information and help for successful winemaking with the 2B solutions ClearUp BIO and ViniTannin™ .

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The 4-in-1 solution for an optimal fermentation

Check out the one-pouch solution FermControl™ BIO for all needs of a successful fermentation. Its all natural, chemical free, vegan/vegetarian and allergen free.

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Re-hydration instructions for 2B active yeasts

Added value for all your wines!
The range of 2B active VitiFerm™ BIO yeasts offer you multiple functions for premium winemaking. Check out, how easy to use this solutions are.

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NEW RePrise™ BIO Inactive Yeast for a broad range of applications

This novel inactive yeast is specifically designed for wine maturation after alcoholic fermentation and for the treatment of aged wines. Protects colour and flavour of your wines. Certified organic quality.

Now permitted as treatment agent for wine and all other wine categories.

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Easy and safe: 2B Functional Active Yeast –
Added value for your wines!

VitiFermTM BIO by 2B are certified organic yeasts of pure raw materials and free of preservatives or emulsifiers.

Our international customers appreciate the benefits of easy and safe 2B yeast application, as well as the high quality and added value for their wines.

The benefits at a glance:

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Good News for Organic Certified Winemakers (Bio Suisse / USDA / COR):

All organic certified products by 2B, produced and treated under the EU organic program, are recognized as equivalent by the organic standards of BioSuisse (Switzerland), USDA (USA) and COR (Canada).

This means that winemakers are allowed to use these 2B products in organic production processes corresponding to the standards mentioned above.

Get more information and click on the corresponding country button:

2B Special – Free of Microplastics

Did you know, that the application of ClearUp Bio in any food and beverage production is a significant contribution to reduce the pollution of our oceans and therefore our food chain. It is fully organic and free of any microplastic and fully degradable.

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New 2B Product Flyer 2024

Perfectly timed before the start of the new season, the revised and updated product flyer of 2B FermControl is available. Get it now:

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Our Team

Each member of the 2B team is an expert in his or her field. Click on the button below and contact us for advice.

About us

Our History

In the year 2003, the visionary and pioneer, Dipl.-Ing. Oen. (FH) Carsten Heinemeyer laid the foundation stone for the 2B company. For over two decades, he shaped the wine industry with his passion and unshakeable belief in the power of nature. As a pioneer of minimalist winemaking, he set new standards and inspired many to follow his example.

Carsten Heinemeyer's professional career impressively reflects his love of wine. After training as a wine cooper in Breisach, his path led him to the renowned Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences, where he studied viticulture and oenology from 1992 to 1998. Before becoming self-employed, he gained valuable experience in the international wine industry as Marketing Manager for Wine, Fruit Juice & Spirits and as R&D Application Manager.

His life and work were always characterized by the search for natural, sustainable methods of winemaking. Until his sudden death in December 2023, Carsten Heinemeyer led the development of new oenological products with tireless dedication and creativity. His inexhaustible spirit of innovation and his deep understanding of the power of nature made him a unique personality in the world of wine.

Together with his dedicated team, Carsten Heinemeyer built up a global network that carried the 2B solutions around the world. The close cooperation with international sales partners made it possible to successfully establish the sustainable approach to winemaking globally according to the principle "LESS IS MORE". His visionary thinking and commitment led to continuous growth and success, which still drive the 2B family today.

In memory of Carsten Heinemeyer, the 2B team is continuing his life's work. With an awareness of his values and philosophy, the forward-looking company will continue to develop innovative solutions that meet the demands of markets and customers worldwide.