ViniTannin™ Multi extra

Special tannin preparation for colour improvement in red wines

Packing units: 1kg | 5kg

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ViniTannin™ Multi extra is a highly purified tannin preparation derived from high quality red grape skins. It helps to optimize colour concentration and stabilization of colour pigments (anthocyanin chains) in the juice or wine stage. ViniTannin™ Multi extra also improves colour intensity and the texture of the wines without adding any bitterness or harsh astringent flavours and improves the ageing potential of the wine. The benefits of ViniTannin™ Multi extra are:

  • Highly purified, 100% natural and derived from top quality European red grapes
  • Optimizes anthocyanin concentration and colour fixation
  • Excellent integration into the wine or juice
  • Easy to handle
  • No bitter or astringent flavour
  • Low dose rates, practical packaging - very competitive cost-in-use
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