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January 8th, 2024
2B FermControl Mourns the Death of Founder and CEO Carsten Heinemeyer
The company's activities will continue
It should have been be a little break at the end of the year before the new year gets off to a fast start again. But then Carsten Heinemeyer succumbed to the effects of a sudden cardiac arrest on December 30, 2023. The founder and Managing Director of the two companies, 2B Concept Consulting and 2B FermControl GmbH based in Breisach am Rhein, was 54 years old.
For over 20 years, Oenologist Carsten Heinemeyer has successfully shaped the wine industry both nationally and internationally, as a pioneer of minimalist winemaking using the power of nature. Click on this text for more information.
Click on this text for more information.

December 2023
2B Practical Tip: Treatment of Young Wine
Are you looking for pure and sustainable solutions for young wine treatment?
Read the latest 2B news on solutions for minimal intervention winemaking, that offer you effective methods on how to treat young wine with The Power of Nature - and even safe time and money.

August 2023
2B News: VitiFerm™ BIO Paradisi - Unleash Exotic & Crisp Summer Wines!
Create paradisical, fruity and trendy summer wine profiles with the new certified organic yeast of 2B. The natural VitiFerm™ BIO Paradisi is the intensely fruity choice for fresh rosé and crisp white wines.
Read more about the oenological benefits for your wine in the latest 2B newsletter, and click on this text.

June 2023
2B Facts: EU Wine Label Regulation
Starting December 8, 2023, any wine sold in the EU, which was not produced and labelled before that date, will be subject to new labelling requirements. The natural VitiFerm™ BIO yeasts need not to be disclosed and offer additional advantages in terms of quality for all wines.
Read more in the latest 2B Facts newsletter and click on this text.

August 2022
2B Practical Tip: Functional Active Yeasts
Substantial differences can be identified by comparison of conventional vs. certified organic active yeast production.
The 2B comparison chart gives winemakers the opportunity to look behind the scenes.

July 2022
2B Practical Tip: All About Yeast Derivatives
The 2B experts created a handy overview and comparison about the different yeast products and their biological composition, which is regulated by legislation.
This handout includes helpful information about the properties of yeast cell walls, inactive yeasts, yeast autolysate and yeast protein extract.

March 2022
Research & Development: New Pilot Winery by 2B
2B has set up a new pilot winery to make natural principles available for a reliable and sustainable winemaking process. In this state-of-the-art pilot cellar, under practical conditions, the 2B oenologists are capable to respond to the requirements of different international grape varieties or specific challenges of vintages, by applying methods of the minimal intervention oenology.

February 2021
Staying Safe During Bottling Season: 2B Oeno HelpDesk.
From A as alternative fining to Z as Zinfandel.

January 2021
New generation of Depth Filter Technology – without cristalline silicates!
ViniFilter – The alternative solution to preserve your wine quality.