New generation of depth filter technology - specially suitable for wine filtration applications. A ground-breaking alternative in filtration!

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  • Available in five practical filtration grades
  • Crystalline Silica Free
  • Made of finest cellulose pulps and specially calcined Kieselgur
  • High permeability towards important naturally occurring ingredients in the wine
  • Produces wines without notable „bottle shock“
  • Displays optimal colour retention in red and rosé
  • Outstanding particle hold capacity
  • Excellent backwash (>50% time and water savings)
  • Has an almost linear pressure profile
  • Withstands even high differential pressures
  • Up to 90% reduction of drip loss
  • Extended life cycle

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2B FermControl presents a range of new depth filters, which are developed with special attention to the demands of high quality filtration of wines. With ViniFilter you can ensure to maximize the existing quality of your wines, without experiencing some of the disadvantages of traditional wine filters.

The difference

  • "Standard filters contain cellulose, minerals and resins, and therefore they often also remove a wide variety of positive ingredients such as e.g. long chain polysaccharides and anthocyanins.
  • Pure cellulose filters lack these minerals and therefore important ingredients can pass the filter without almost any loss; this property also has disadvantages. The result is a problematic course of the pressure difference and tends to, under heavy particle load, having full impact at the end of filtration. If this occurs, the filtration process has been useless.
  • ViniFilter is not white - which is good, because of its contents of kieselgur, which is known for its excellent properties in providing a high level of sharpness of clarification and safety.