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MaloControl™ BIO

Special nutrition supplement for the support of MLF bacteria metabolism.

1kg | 100g


  • Special formulation of supplements and other co-factors for the MLF under harsh conditions.
  • Increases the malolactic activity.
  • Provides better conditions for an easier MLF.
  • Provides balanced combination of all essential amino acids and trace elements for MLF bacteria.
  • Improves the metabolism of the bacteria population during the entire fermentation.
  • Absorbs inhibitory substances in the base wine (e.g. intermediate-length chain fatty acids).
  • Diminishes the typical MLF character in all wines.
  • Low dosage rate due to high concentration of supplements.

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What is MaloControl™ BIO ?

Stuck or sluggish malolactic fermentations (MLF) are still present problems in the wine industry. The reasons for sluggish MLF´s are multiple. The main inhibitory factor is an elevated SO2 content in the wine. Elevated levels of SO2 evolve from the primary fermentation due to the lack of essential nutrition. To overcome this problem 2B has developed MaloControl™ BIO to balance the nutrition for the MLF bacteria.

MLF bacteria have a specific requirement of nutrition that is different to yeast. This specific nutrition requirement is an important factor when considering a successful MLF.

MaloControl™ BIO provides a balanced combination of MLF nutrition compunds and co-factors that compensates for natural deficits in the grapes. It enables the bacteria to have optimal metabolism and to increase the malolactic activity.