X 20 Jahre 2B


Premium quality tannin, newly developed from white grapeskin, with a high share of pro anthocyanidins. Exclusive solution to improve the quality of all wines. In addition, ViniTannin™ SUPREME permanently stabilises the colour of red wines and protects white wines from undesired aging.

Packing units: 700 g / 3 kg


  • 100 % premium tannin from white wine skins
  • High share of pro anthocyanidins
  • Permanently stabilises the colour of red wine
  • Improves sensory quality of all wines
  • Increased complexity on the palate, but no astringency
  • Outstanding sensory experience due to pure grapeskin tannin

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Vinitamin sr

ViniTannin™ SR

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Vinitamin W

ViniTannin™ W

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Vinitamin Multi

ViniTannin™ Multi Extra

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