X 20 Jahre 2B


Oak-wood fire toasted. Unique and economical alternative to wooden barrels.

Packing unit: 25 pieces


  • Made from selected, high quality French oak wood, identical Tonnelerie Orion barrel staves.
  • WineStaves promote the aroma and the nuances of each grape variety.
  • Colour stabilisation by increasing the elag tannins (red wines).
  • Ecological and safe alternative, certified from sustainable forestry (PEFC).
  • Easy to use, low application amount per liter of wine.
  • Very close to the barrel!

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WineStaves are manufactured from French oak wood, that is naturally dried and open air seasoned for at least 26 month to remove polyphonols.

In a specially developed process, the WineStaves are then gently toasted over an open oak wood fire.

Addition Rates: Depending on the desired type of wine, the amount varies between 0,5 und 3 WineStaves/100 l for a period of 6 to 14 months.