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MaloBacti™ CN1

Freeze dried bacteria strain without citric acid metabolism. The standard for MLF in red and white wine.

packing units:
MaloBacti™: 25 hl | 250 hl | 1000 hl | 5000 hl


  • Protection of the varietal characters and flavours in the wine after MLF
  • No increase in the volatile acidity in the wine because no acetic acid production
  • No buttery or butter-scotch flavour due to no diacetyl production

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No more diacetyl in wine

MaloBacti™ CN1 represents a reliable generation of freeze dried MLF starter cultures of Oenococcus oeni with unique properties. MaloBacti™ CN1 has the ability to avoid diacetyl formation from citric acid degradation.

+A3 process

The +A3 process accommodates an increased number of active cells in combination with a so far unmatched fast activation and perfected adaption of the bacteria for the inoculation in wine or must.

  • For fruity red and white wines. No diacetyl flavour and no volatile acids!
  • Increase of the survival rate of the bacteria at inoculation
  • Ideal adaption to difficult conditions in wine in only 6-8 hours!
Bio Austria +A3

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