X 20 Jahre 2B

RePrise™ BIO

RePrise™ BIO is a new inactive yeast, specifically designed for wine maturation after alcoholic fermentation and for the treatment of aged wines. It offers additional functions and is now permitted as treatment agent for wine and all other wine categories.

Packing units: 1 kg | 5 kg


  • Suitable for use as a natural antioxidant in wine maturation.
  • Promotes the colour and aroma protection of the wine during vinification.
  • Protection against early ageing
  • Very suitable for refreshing old wine

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The RePrise™ BIO inactive yeast offers several application solutions for vinification. It is certified organic according to standards of Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008, EC-Code: DE-Öko-003.

RePrise™ Bio is produced and treated under the EU organic program and approved for organic wine production on the basis of the standards of BioSuisse, USDA and COR. In Switzerland, USA and Canada, RePrise™ BIO and all other organic certified 2B products can be used by winemakers for the organic certified wine production due to the afore mentioned standards.

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