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ClearUp BIO

ClearUp BIO is a highly purified yeast cell wall product. The special washing and production process ensures a high absorption capacity of various substances which act inhibitory or have a negative sensory impact on the wine.

Packing units: 1 kg, 5 kg, 100 kg


  • Removes inhibitory medium chain fatty acids in the must or young wine.
  • Binds a number of pesticides residues and mycotoxins, which all have yeast inhibitory effects.
  • Can reduce the content of volatile phenols (e.g. by Brettanomyces) notably.
  • Improves sensory of wines from stressed fermentations.
  • Eliminates sulphur off-flavours in young wines.
  • Correction of colour problems in white wines, Blanc de Noirs and rosé-wine.
  • Ideal for increasing the internal surface with heavily pre-clarified musts, e.g. flotation.
  • No negative impact on sensory characteristics.
  • Free of microplastics.

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ClearUp BIO is a highly purified yeast cell wall product. The broad application range includes the replacement of microplastics such as PVPP or other animal- or silica-based fining products. It also includes the specific fining for the selective removal of undesired substances that have been very difficult to remove from juice or wine.
ClearUp BIO is certified organic according to standards of Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008, EC-Code: DE-Öko-003.
It is produced and treated under the EU organic program and approved for organic wine production on the basis of the standards of BioSuisse, USDA and COR. In Switzerland, USA and Canada, ClearUp BIO and all other organic certified 2B products can be used by winemakers for the organic certified wine production due to the afore mentioned standards.

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