X 20 Jahre 2B

WineBlox French

High quality oakwood alternatives for ageing of white and red wines

Packing units: 10kg


  • Produced exclusively for 2B from high quality oak - same quality as oak barrels
  • Complete integration of flavours in wine, no negative off flavours
  • Facilitates MLF through absorption of inhibitory compounds, fatty acids
  • Environmentally and resource-friendly, certified from sustainable forestry
  • Significant cost savings due to low dosage rates, 0.25 - 3 g/l

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The new WineBlox offers a high-quality alternative to large oak barrels and barriques. WineBlox are produced from French oak which is matured minimum 24 moths in open air and subsequently submitted to a special and gentle convection toasting process in order to reach the desired level of toasting. WineBlox combines the advantages of using new wood with a cost effective vinification of red and white wines. The range of application varies from simulation of barrels in stainless steel tanks to barrel vinification. WineBlox are excellent to refresh used barrels and closes thereby very well the gap between wood chips and oak barrels.