X 20 Jahre 2B

WineChipz French

High quality Oak chips for ageing of white and red wines

Packing units: 10kg


  • Produced exclusively for 2B from high quality oak - matured minimum 24 month in open air
  • Environmentally and resource-friendly, produced only from certified sustainable forestry
  • Absolute uniform convection toasting
  • Complete integration of flavours in wine, no negative off flavours
  • Supports the colour stability and intensity in red wines during the fermentation
  • Significant cost savings due to low dosage rates, 0.25 - 2 g/l

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WineChipz is a new generation of high-quality alternatives for vinification of white and red wines. WineChipz are produced from French oak which is matured minimum 24 months in open air and subsequently submitted to a special and gentle Convection Toasting process in order to reach the desired level of toasting. Tis unique production process guarantees a precise and uniform toasting. WineChipz is produced exclusively for 2B, following our strict quality control which ensures a consistent an outstanding product quality.