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VitiFerm™ BIO Alba Fria

VitiFerm™ BIO active dry yeasts are the first yeast strains that have been carefully selected from a biodynamic habitat and being produced by an exclusive and new procedure for pure and organic yeasts. The yeast strains have been selected due to its proven natural physiological characteristics in order to produce wines dominated by strong influence from the terroir and selected grapes

Packing units: 0,5kg | 10kg


  • Moderate fermentation speed, and therefore flavour protective.
  • Broad flavour spectrum and high alcohol tolerance.
  • Promotion of aromatic thiols.
  • Low nutrient consumption.
  • Low ester and VA formation, providing real amplification of varietal and terroir characters
  • Low SO2 formation, ideal for the following MLF.
  • Free from emulsifiers, petrochemicals and other synthetic compounds.
  • Certified organic according EC regulations.
  • Ideal for Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Chenin Blanc and Rosé wines.

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Developed for sustainable winemaking, the VitiFerm™ BIO yeasts are being produced 100 % organically from the selection process through to the production plant. The yeasts fully comply with the current EC regulations No. 2018/848 and 889/2008 and hence also follow current USDA standards. They are absolutely free from emulsifiers and stabilizers.

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